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I am a constant learner and a perpetual student.

Looking at my life and choices, I realize that I’ve been around the block quite a few times and I have skills in areas that seem totally random. In reality, though, nothing happens randomly, and the tapestry of life always comes together. Everything I have done has led me to understanding people, their feelings, their bodies and their struggles. 


I was blessed with cancer (yes you read that right) and blessed even more when my operation went successfully. My experiences have brought me here, a place of peace and servitude. To serve people, to make a difference in their wellness is more meaningful to me than any other profession I’ve had, and I am grateful that I listened to the voice within and pursued my calling.


I hold a master’s degree in theoretical linguistics, have studied Japanese bodywork and martial arts since 2005, and have gone through formal training in several bodywork modalities. I am currently one of only two female shihans (master instructor) in the United States in traditional Japanese jujutsu from the school of Hakkoryu, but above all, I am an experienced and intuitive therapist.

Shihan Mel Saroyan

Day of Shihan Promotion

June, 2016 - Omiya, Japan

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